Our firm which was established to meet socks knitting machine's cylinder need in our country obtained great success in this area and reached to the place aimed in a little while. The best quality steel and tool usage. The most experienced technichal staff made KAYATEKS the greatest cylinder producer of Turkey.The new target of KAYATEKS is to have a certain place in the world in this area.

It produces the cylinders of all single and double cylinder sock knitting machines in this industry, in the machines with high quality and the latest technology both in the required diameter and number of needle. Today KAYATEKS has the honor of offering the most excellent quality service and with the best possible prices to you, the customers. In addition, KAYATEKS applies terry cushioning apparatus which is its own special production to all double cylinder sock knitting machines on requested needle number and diameter.

KAYATEKS offers you below advantages with the all products it produces :

*The assembling of cylinders without need to any special position.
*The sensitivity and elasticity of grooves.
*High degree slippery.
*The possibility of easily change if reguired and adjust to each other the cylinders and the other parts in the minimum time.
*The silent running of machines.
*Long time running without problem.

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