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About Us

Turkey’s well established company and strong brand: KAYATEKS

KAYATEKS MACHINE, which has been serving in our country and abroad since 1989; manufactures socks cylinder and closed toe parts. Has become a brand in its field with its production, experience and high quality of its products. Our company has succeeded to become the leader in all fields it enters.

KAYATEKS MACHINE is a patented brand which gives importance to quality production. Our company has proved the presence of KAYATEKS MACHINE in this sector to the biggest companies in the world with its high-tech CNC machines used in the selection of high quality raw materials and production process.

KAYATEKS; Single cylinder sock knitting machines and double cylinder parts of machines. In addition to the standard sock cylinder, it also provides services to its customers with specially designed cylinder. The principle of QUALITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, which is accepted as the sine qua non of the competition, is of great importance in terms of making manufacturing operations more sensitive and in compliance with the standards.

KAYATEKS MACHINE designs products for your special productions with its experienced and dynamic team with the awareness that all obstacles will be overcome by mutual exchange of information. It works with a superior effort with the belief of achieving the core force of the Turkish nation. Our company, which follows the technology closely, acts as a basic principle with minimum difficulties and maximum efficiency.
We have the rightful pride of being able to pro-duce 7/24 with CNC controlled machines and ro-bots that we host today. We are enjoying the peace and joy of contributing to the economy of our country with our successful works since 89 and we
share them with you.

With the deepest respect, sincere love and best regards…

Grinding Holes

Thanks to grinding the cylinder holes; We prevent the runout, prolong the life of the machine, prevent the shaft gap and ensure the machine to operate at high speed.

Slippery on needles

Through the special treatment performed in the cylinders, we ensure that the needle, jacks and selectors move faster, and thus, you get high efficiency in the production of notch, ballet socks.

Groove Marks

We facilitate needle, jacks and selector alignment through permanent markings in order to Easy material layout

* Patented Design

Cylinder Springiness

Steel hardness is very important in socks sleeves. Neither the channels should be hard to break, nor should they be soft to overlap to sideways. Since we know the importance of this, we ensure the springiness of the channels.

Non-Heated Shell

We apply processes that will prevent the overheat of the cylinders that causes damage to the machine.

High Stock Volume

We can get ready those that are not in our stock ready in a few days.