About Us

Turkey’s deep-rooted and strong brand: KAYATEKS

KAYATEKS MAKINA, which has been serving in our country and abroad since 1989; is engaged in the production of hosiery casings and nose sewing apparatus. Founded by ADNAN KAYA, our company has become a brand in its field in our country and abroad with its production, experience and high quality of its products. In addition, the company has succeeded to become a leader in all the fields it enters.

KAYATEKS MAKINA is a patented brand that gives importance to quality production. KAYATEKS MAKINA has proved to the giant companies in the world with its high technology CNC machines used in quality raw material selection and production stages.

Since 1989, when we started to serve, we have achieved many firsts. We produce sock knitting machine single cylinder machines such as Lonati, Sangiacomo, Dakong, Matec, as well as double cylinder bushings and Lonati Closed Toe parts Sbys of machines such as Lonati Bravo, Bentley Komet, Matec.

In addition to standard hosiery casings, we also serve our customers with specially designed casings.

It is proud of being able to produce 7/24 with CNC controlled machines and robots.
We live the joy and joy of contributing to the economy and technology of our country with our studies and share with you.
With deepest respect, sincere love and best wishes…

Grinding Holes

We’re grinding the hive holes. In this way:

  • Prevents the epidemic
  • Extends machine life
  • Blocking shaft clearance
  • We make the machine run at high speed

Slippery on needles

Needles, jacks and selectors work faster by moving the hives. In this way, notch, babet such as socks production to ensure high efficiency.

Groove Marks

Needle, jacks and selector alignment is now easier thanks to our marking marks for comfortable material alignment.

* Patented Design

Cylinder Springiness

Steel hardness is very important in beehives. Neither the channels should be hard enough to break, nor should they be soft enough to wear them sideways. Since we know the importance of this, we ensure the spread of the channels.

Non-Heated Shell

It is very important that the bucket does not heat up. Heated barrel damages many places, especially machinery and electronics. Since we know the importance of this, we manufacture non-heating sleeves.

High Stock Volume

We have Lonati hives and Lonati Nose Sewing Apparatus, especially Sangiacomo, Dakong, Rumi, Colosio, Bravo, Komet and many other brands in our stock. We can make the ones not in our stock ready in a few days.