About Us

Turkey’s deep-rooted and strong brand: KAYATEKS

Kayateks Machinery; As a company that provides domestic and international services, it considers meeting all the needs and expectations of its customers in a timely manner as the basis of its quality policy.
In addition to the standard sock hives, our company has set out with the hives specially designed for our customers; in the world with the leading companies and endless technological support in 1989 began production.
QUALITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION principle, which is accepted as the sine qua non of the competition, is of great importance in terms of making our manufacturing operations more sensitive and in compliance with the standards.
Kayateks Machinery; With the awareness that all obstacles will be overcome by mutual exchange of information, we are designing products for your special productions with our experienced and dynamic team.
With the belief of accomplishing the challenge that exists in the essence of the Turkish nation, it works with a superior effort.
Our company follows the technology closely and acts with the principle of minimum problem and maximum efficiency as the basic principle.
Today, we are proud of being able to produce 7/24 with CNC controlled machines and robots.
89 to the present day with the honorable work in our country’s economy and technology to contribute to the peace of mind, we live and share with you.
With deepest respect, sincere love and best wishes…

Our Mission / Vision

KAYATEKS; continuous improvement request as in the past in the future, modern production approach and his pioneering being in Turkey with technological investment, quality and ensuring customer satisfaction through product diversification that exceed customer expectations, but also to be a sock sleeve manufacturer known around the world while maintaining its position in Turkey vision.

Müşteri Memnuniyeti

We care about the expectations and problems of our customers and believe that it will shed light on us in order to provide the best service. We are aware that the most important element of making a difference is to provide high level customer satisfaction by providing quality service to our customers.